ThingLink joins forces with SoundCloud to let users add sounds to images

ThingLink, which provides tools to let users embed links into images, has partnered with SoundCloud to add audio as an option.

The idea is that those who work primarily in audio – musicians, bands, sound designers etc. – can now include images in their work, perhaps as part of a promotional campaign, flyer or as album art work. But also, given SoundCloud’s recent pivot to become a more mainstream audio sharing platform, ThingLink could be used to annotate or add voice notes or background sounds to any photograph in all sorts of use cases, such as a memorable family photograph, for example. And because the SoundCloud link is embedded into a ThingLink image, that audio interactivity travels with the image, meaning it can be shared on social networks.

Interestingly, ThingLink has gone through a number of pivots itself. Founded by design blogger Ulla-Maaria Engeström (wife of Jaiku co-founder Jyri Engestrom, who is also an adviser) the company started life by defining a new standard for identifying both virtual and physical objects and linking them to information on the Internet, and then evolved into a sort of social catalogue that enabled designers, brands, and consumers to identify and converse around products.

Nowadays, ThingLink is pitching itself as a tool for online publishers who want to add interactive images (via special tags) to their content and as a complementary ad network. The idea is that a blogger or website can use Thinglink to make the objects in their images clickable and to drive traffic from these images to e-commerce sites and other destinations.

ThingLink is backed by Nordic investors Inventure and Lifeline Ventures to the tune of $1 million.