Report: Number Of Malware-Infected Web Sites Has Doubled In Past Year

A new Dasient report says that the number of Web sites infected with malware has doubled in the past year. That means we’re now just short of 1.2 million Web sites out there infected with malware. Wonderful.

Big deal, you say. Some 1.2 million Web sites out of the entirety of the Web can’t be so bad, right? Well, that means that in about three months of Web surfing the average person now has a 95 percent chance of running into malware.

All the more reason to keep your system up-to-date and with a working anti-malware program running at all times.

Now would probably be a good time to mention the release of M86 Security’s SecureBrowsing browser plug-in. It works with Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it scans URLs in order to help users browse the Web a little safer. It’s free to download.

Browsing the Web with something like NoScript would also be a good idea, which gives you the added bonus of haloing make sites readable. No flashing nonsense or connections to third-party servers without your permission.