Hey Facebook Lawyers, Here's A Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure

Still fresh from their run-in with Apple’s legal department over the Steve Jobs action figure (which resulted in the figure getting pulled), the folks at M.I.C Gadget have moved on to the next biggest tech target and turned Zuck into an Adidas flip-flop wearing, huge Like Button wielding action figure.

Via Craziest Gadgets

“Facebook fanboys rejoice- the long awaited Mark Zuckerberg action figure is here! Includes such cool actions as: standing around in a hoodie, poking, staring off evasively into space, not selling your company, changing your users’ privacy settings and stealing ideas from the Winklevii.”

There’s something amazing about a coder action figure as most of the “action” involved in programming is mental. Nevertheless, Facebook legal is pretty aggressive when it comes to trademark (or in this case tradeMark) infringement and I’m interested in what they’d have to say regarding this particular application of their CEO’s likeness.

The limited edition figure, called “The Poking Inventor” to “to avoid getting sued by a multi-billion dollar social network that can probably ruin your life and the lives of your family and everyone you know” costs $70 bucks. Mike just bought one, so there’s only 299 left.