Eyez: It's A Camera In A Pair Of Sunglasses

I’m mad at Zion Eyez, the company that makes, or rather has theorized, these sunglasses-with-1080p-camera-in. Not because they’re late to the party (Lady Gaga presented a similar concept at CES and other companies have tried this), but because their site autoplays a video with “epic music,” and when you turn the sound off, it doesn’t turn the sound off. Flash-based websites have always been a pain in the ass, even when they work properly. Don’t do this, people.

How about the device? Well, it’s still a concept, but they’re still claiming it will revolutionize social video sharing.

The idea is that people don’t share videos because… well, they do, but you have to use a device like a smartphone and you’re limited to watching this event on the small screen. Whereas, with the Eyez, you can watch it the way you’d normally watch it, except with sunglasses on. This way you can record like an hour of video and either stream it or post it later via your phone or computer.

Naturally, I’m skeptical. And I don’t look forward to the image quality from such a tiny camera or the blind framing videos will have, since there’s no feedback to the camera operator. We’ll check back with this thing when there’s a real product. In the meantime, head over to Zion Eyez and pause that video.

[via Engadget]