Craigslist Founder Launches craigconnects: "The Biggest Thing In My Life"

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has just launched craigconnects, which he says is a long-term initiative to “connect and protect organizations that are doing good stuff”.

Newmark on the site’s homepage says craigconnects is “the biggest thing” of his life, and that he’s committing 20 years to the project, which will initially focus on non-profits and public service organizations that “get stuff done on a sustainable basis”.

To be clear, craigconnects isn’t a fundraising or grant-making organization, but an entirely different beast with a big bold vision (getting everyone in the world together for the common good via the Internet). The overall purpose of the project is explained here.

It’s all a bit hazy if you ask me (the welcome message video, embedded below, didn’t quite help either) but who would like to bet against Newmark to turn something rather basic into something enormous using the power of the Internet?