Ustream 2.0 For iPhone Lets You Broadcast And View Live Video, All In One App

Want to watch Charlie Sheen’s Sheen’s Corner on mobile? Aspire to be Charlie Sheen? Well, just like it did on Android back in January, Ustream today has combined both its Viewer and Broadcaster app into one all-encompassing and newly redesigned iPhone app allowing you to stream and watch live video all from your iPhone.

Taking advantage of iPhone 4’s front facing camera, the Ustream 2.0 app allows you to easily log in to your Ustream account and live broadcast or record video with one click, letting you share your broadcast on Twitter and Facebook as well as launch chat or take a viewer yes/no poll.

While the app retains full functionality in both 3G and Wifi, it does need a strong network to perform the heavy duty task of livestreaming video (Ustream tells me that the quality is better in the latest version). Ustream 2.0 also offers the option to record to your device in case of poor signal for broadcasters but will throw down a “Please check your network connection” message for people who want to view video in less than ideal connectivity settings.

The Viewer part of the app lets you search for shows by Featured, Category, and Ustream show name. You can set up alerts on your favorite content by hitting the Remind Me button on the content you’re interested in or by joining Ustream Crowds and Events (viewable under More > Favorites). You can also check out individual Ustreamer profiles and share what content you’re viewing both on Twitter and Facebook.

While and others have these functionalities in their iPhone apps for awhile, Ustream has been hitting it out of the park with its ability to attract the kind of content people want to view on the go (Chilean Miner rescue anyone?). The service is just about to hit 10 million users and Charlie Sheen’s debacle on Saturday brought in over 1.6 million views despite the show itself being less than impressive. Something tells me we ain’t seen nothing yet (I mean wait ’til Sheen finds out about the app).

You can get the app either by updating the Viewer app if already installed or by clicking here.