Soccer Still Dragging Its Feet Over Goal-Line Technology (But Snoods Have Been Banned)

We’ll be waiting at least one more year for goal-line technology to show up in soccer. The sport’s law-making body, the International Football Association Board, made the decision at the weekend to continue studying the technology for one more year before making any final decisions. The whole situation is mind-boggling.

But even though the board has dragged its feet for 800 years over the use of goal-line technology, it was super quick to make one decision that has terrorized the sport for too, too long: snoods.

Snoods, of course, are those scarf-looking things that have found their way into the sport in the past year. They’re particularly popular in the Premier League in England, and particularly among the league’s international stars. Pictured here is Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez, from Argentina, looking rather forlorn for some reason, wearing the garment.

Anyhow, the board banned the snood because, in the words of Fifa president Sepp Blatter, “it can be dangerous.”

So: no goal-line technology, but snoods have been banned. Makes sense to me.