Shock Study: Women Spend More Time Talking And Texting

Wireless provider Mobistar recently announced the results of their survey which sought out cell phone usage by gender. If stereotypes are to be believed, then the results are hardly shocking.

The survey found that women spend more time on the phone, and send more text messages than men. However, the study also found that women are less keen on smartphones.

Mobistar says that of their customers, women talk an average of 19 minutes more per month than men and calls last 15 seconds more. Moreover, Mobistar’s female customers send 51 more text messages than the y-chromosome.

What’s is interesting about the survey, and less obvious, is that men spend 22% more time browsing the mobile internet, either because they have more success with smartphones and app usage, or just spend more time facebook stalking females. Men also use 14 MB more data per month. Typically, Belgian men are three times more likely to own a smart phone compared to women: 15% to 6%.