Necono: Cat-Shaped Digital Camera (Video)

A digital camera that’s shaped like a cat? That’s what Tokyo-based Superheadz announced today with the so-called Necono [link in English]. The Necono is being marketed as “No longer a camera, more like a pet.”, but it is a fully-functioning camera.

Superheadz offers a lot of information in English on the product page, but for 15,750 yen ($191 currently), it seems only users who know Japanese can actually pre-order the device (all the others can ask specialized stores like Tokyo-based Rinkya to assist them).

The Necono is a simple point-and-shooter with a 3MP CMOS sensor that lets you shoot and store pictures (plus AVIs in 640×480 resolution) on microSDHC/SD cards. At 10×3×3cm, the Necono itself is pretty small and light (40g).

You might want to wait until May or June though, which is when Superheadz expects to be ready to offer the NECONO DIGITAL CAMERA with a cute monitor (see below).

Finally, a quick demo video:

Via Akihabara News