The (Fake) Banned iPad 2 Promo: "Like The iPhone 4, Minus The Retina Display"

You’ve seen the parodic banned white iPhone 4 promo video, so you know what to expect.

Below is the transcript of “Johnny Five”‘s introduction, just in case you hadn’t seen the previous fake Apple promo video, so you too will know what to expect.

Or you can just watch it, of course.

“Last year, iPad revolutionized technology as we know it. Before iPad, people were checking their email … on computers. They were playing Angry Birds on their phone! iPad defined a category of its own. It’s like an iPod touch. It’s like the much earlier iPod touch that didn’t have cameras. But the new iPad is like the iPhone 4 … minus the retina display”.

And maybe watch the earlier iPhone 4 promo video parody too for good measure:

The above videos were created by LA-based production agency JLE. Good stuff.

Or in one word / hashtag: #winning.

Oh, and here’s the official iPad 2 promo video: