Samsung Feels "Inadequate" About Galaxy Tab 10.1 When Compared To iPad 2

Someone needs to muzzle Samsung’s top execs. The latest faux pas out of Seoul comes courtesy of Lee Don-Joo who said that Samsung is trying to “improve the parts that are inadequate” of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (basically Samsung’s Xoom) when compared to the iPad 2. Most notably, they’re looking at redesigning the device to be thinner and lighter.

Granted, a little humility is fine, but come on, guys: produce, ship, and iterate.

As Steve Jobs said, CE makers are flummoxed. You’d think that with millions of R&D behind them, Samsung and the like could shut a bunch of smart people up in a room, feed them pizza (or Hongeo), and make them make a tablet that’s worth a damn. We already know the Apple playbook – thinner, long battery life, nice OS – so there’s no reason something like the Gal Tab has to look like something out of Computex 2001.

via AndroidCommunity