Instagrams Go Head-To-Head With Pic A Fight

Notifo co-founders Paul Stamatiou and Chad Etzel have built Pic A Fight, a combination of Facemash and Instagram which allows you to vote on the aesthetic value of Instagram photos in a side to side comparison. The concept behind Pic A Fight is super simple, just click on the pic you think is better.

If you’d like to add or battle your own photos you can log in with Instagram and Pic A Fight will upload your pics and give you a profile, like this. To battle your friends’ photos just visit their profiles.

Says Stamatiou on the inspiration behind the site, “I was thinking of cool ways to use the Instagram real-time API, and having a constantly updated pool of pictures competing against each other seemed like a fun idea. Doing it HotOrNot/FaceMash style seemed the easiest way to see it come to life.”

Like Facemash, Pic A Fight uses the Elo ranking system for the pics and the highest scoring overall make the Top Pics page. In a little over four hours since launch the site has had 48,000 battles and 8300 Instagram pics loaded, with the most popular filter so far being X-Pro II.

“Everyone was building websites that were just simple Instagram clients for the web. We wanted to make something more creative and entertaining,” says Stamatiou. The co-founders plan to hit up PicPlz for integration next.