HP Semi-Unveils Wristwatch Cloud Computer – I Think

I can’t make any more sense of this “Metal Watch” announcement than the guys at the Register and elsewhere, but it might be a cool idea. I think? Basically a super-small system on a chip embedded in your watch that stays connected with the cloud, presumably syncing with various services and making that information available through… what, exactly? The watch looks like it’s just a watch.

It’s unclear what HP’s vision is here. I can imagine, though, the watch being a sort of “key” to your other devices, activating a sort of secure private network, syncing information between devices, and so on. But is a separate device really necessary? Can’t these devices just connect to each other? I really don’t know.

Until they release a little more info, I think we all have to be satisfied to be in the dark. It’s still just a prototype, though, so don’t expect it to hit the market any time soon.