Belkin Announces Its First Set Of iPad 2 Accessories

We did a little accessory roundup on the day of the iPad 2 announcement, but other companies were a little slow on the draw (or didn’t want to get buried) and their stuff is trickling out now. Belkin, maker of fine Mac accessories, has just dropped a bundle of cases and stands. Let’s take a quick look.

Flip, Slim, Access, and Verve Folio cases:

As you can see, these all have a similar motif. The Flip and Slim are similar except the Slim is… slimmer. The Access has a pocket for documents and also stands up in a slightly different way (see top). The Verve is leather. They all work as landscape-style stands and have holes for the cameras.

Belkin has also adjusted its FlipBlade and ViewLounge stands for the iPad 2. I don’t think it took much modification:

No pricing or availability yet, but I’m sure you’ll see these available in just a week or two.