The SmartShopper Makes You A Smart Shopper

In my house, we have a baseline shopping list that contains the things we almost always need to buy — you know, the things we go through quickly like milk, butter, rubber bands, extension cords — and then a rotating selection of fancy cheeses we’d like to try. We usually don’t bother to write down our staple items because we buy them so regularly, but sometimes we get waylaid in the grocery store by some new free samples and then forget to buy what we really need. That’s why I’m excited about the SmartShopper, “a voice recognition grocery list organizer” with an intuitive interface that is “fun to use and easy to master.” Fun and voice activated? Sign me up!

Here’s just a quick peek at the Smart Shopper’s list of features:

  • Two lists can be individually named and kept simultaneously.
  • Smaller, More attractive look.
  • Category Mgt. which allows the user to match their store layout, change and add categories.
  • Built-In Kitchen Timer
  • Flag items that you have coupons for, and designate quantities
  • Enhanced procedure for adding custom items.
  • Many others.

I should be getting a review unit soon, so stay tuned for a thorough hands-on review of this hot new kitchen technology!