PressDoc Launches 'Premium PressRooms' That May Look Better Than Your Website

PressDoc, which enables companies to distribute press releases optimized for the social web, is today introducing a new feature dubbed ‘Premium PressRooms’ (example).

They are pretty much what they sound like: dedicated online environments companies can use to cater to media representatives looking to learn more about them.

The Amsterdam-based startup says they’ve been asked by many of its users, since launching the first version of the service in 2010, about ways to match their PressDocs and PressRooms with their company’s brand. Premium PressRooms lets them do exactly that; create PressRooms with custom branding, domain names and analytics.

Premium PressRooms can be branded to match your company’s style, and lets organizations customize the header image for each PressDoc to make it stand out (see an example).

In addition, companies can use a custom domain name (e.g. and also embed Google Analytics code to incorporate PressRoom stats into their current workflow.

Upgrading a regular PressDoc PressRoom to a Premium version costs 1 credit or €19 per month (a little over $26). Users will be able to test-drive PressRoom Premium for half a year at half the price (3 credits) as an introductory promotion.

Update: PressDoc says you can use the promo code ‘TECHCRUNCH’ during sign-up – it will knock off 20% of your first credit package. And if you’re looking for alternatives, check out Prezly.