Motorola Mobility Invests In HTML5 Game Developer And Publisher Moblyng

Via its venture arm, Motorola Mobility has made an investment in Moblyng, the game developer and publisher of cross-platform, HTML5-based games. Joining Motorola in the investment round are Mohr Davidow Ventures and Deep Fork Capital. The investment could have been part of this recent filing, which indicated that Moblyng raised $7.5 million out of a $10.9 million round. It appears that Motorola Mobility is not publicly disclosing the amount of the investment.

Moblyng games, which have been downloaded more than 9 million times, are developed for and published on Android, Facebook, iOS and WebOS platforms. Originally, the startup focused on building a slideshow creation tool, FlipTrack but in May 2008 decided to change its name to Moblyng and shift to cross-platform game development.

The company also announced a partnership with Playdom in May of of 2010 to publish Playdom games on major mobile platforms

According to the release, the investment was made because of Moblyng’s “strategic direction” in developing games for the Android platform. As Harshul Sanghi, managing director of Motorola Mobility Ventures, says, “Moblyng was an early adopter of Android and is an industry leader in using HTML5 to bring cross-platform social gaming experiences to mobile devices. We look forward to accelerating the realization of their vision. Motorola, of course, develops devices using the Android OS.

Motorola Mobility also just announced an investment in cloud media startup Catch Media.