Dragon Age 2 For Xbox 360 Leaks. How Will This Be Blamed On PC Gamers? (Update: And Now The PS3!)

When that dev build of Crysis 2 leaked a few weeks ago, EA was quick to condemn the PC gaming community, saying that piracy “continues to damage the PC packaged goods market and the PC development community.” I do wonder whether EA will be as quick to condemn console piracy now that Dragon Age 2, to be released next week, has also leaked. That’s right: the Xbox 360 version is now floating around out there, so it’s clear to me that console owners should now be subjected to the same kind of silly DRM that PC owners have had to put up with for years now.

The game can now be found wherever you find such things, and any 16-year-old with a free afternoon can figure out how to rig his Xbox 360 to run it flawlessly.

But no, PC gamers are the ones responsible for the collapse of the industry, right?


UPDATE Well look at that, the PS3 version has now leaked, according to a famous, owl-mascotted database. And we all know how terribly difficult it is to jailbreak a PS3, right? Oh, wait: it takes less than five minutes. So that’s both console versions leaking on the same day, and both before the PC version. But again, PC gamers are somehow responsible for the world’s injustices. Give me a break.