The iPad 2: Sleeker, Faster, And Light Enough To Use As A Frisbee? [Video]

As you undoubtedly know by now, this morning Apple unveiled the iPad 2 — the successor to its massively successful tablet, and a product that’s sure to sell millions over the next year. You may even know the differences between this device and the last one: it’s thinner, lighter, and faster, with two cameras and a snazzy new magnetic case. But which of these things really matter when you actually pick up the device and start using it?

This afternoon I sat down with MobileCrunch editor Greg Kumparak, who got a chance to play around with the iPad 2 during Apple’s event. Check out the video above for Greg’s thoughts on how the iPad 2 will fare in the evolving tablet landscape, and whether or not the iPad’s sleek new size really makes a difference when you’re holding the device.