No "One More Thing" At Today's iPad 2 Event

Despite being on medical leave since January, Steve Jobs took the stage at today’s Apple event to a standing ovation. After revealing that over 100 million iPhones and over 15 million iPads have been sold total and introducing the 1/3 thinner, 13.3% percent lighter rainbow-covered iPad 2, Steve Jobs made his requisite concluding remarks and exited the stage without giving one of his legendary “one more thing”s (see above video).

While some proliferating rumors had pegged today’s “one more thing” as being either a new social app (I hear group messaging is hot these days), others were hoping for a preview of iOS 5 or a retina iPad 2 display. In fact there’s quite a few people expressing their disappointment in the lack of “one more thing” on Twitter, having become accustomed to the Jobs tradition — A tradition responsible for the unveiling of FaceTime, the AirPort and both the original and new MacBook Airs.

Here’s an impressive and comprehensive chronological list of Apple products that were revealed as “one more thing”s via the fanboys at Wikipedia, a list which will remain un-updated, for the moment.

  • The AirPort base station and AirPort card after the iBook was introduced in Macworld Expo 1999
  • The PowerBook G4
  • The PowerMac G5 at WWDC 2003.
  • The fifth generation iPod with video, announced at a press conference self-referentially titled “One more thing…”
  • The MacBook Pro (at Macworld Expo 2006).
  • Introduction of selling movies via the iTunes Store in September 2006; a second “One more thing” in the same presentation also unveiled an upcoming product dubbed iTV (renamed to Apple TV at Macworld 2007). Athird “One More Thing” was the lead-in to introduce a live performance of the song “Waiting for the World to Change” by John Mayer at the conclusion of the presentation.
  • Introduction of Safari for Windows beta
  • The iPod touch
  • The MacBook Air
  • The wireless version of the iTunes Store on the iPod touch and iPhone
  • The new MacBook was introduced in October 2008 after the new MacBook Pro was introduced.
  • Though Steve Jobs did not present his Macworld 2009 keynote, Phil Schiller introduced the DRM free iTunes Music Store as a “one last thing”.
  • The announcement of a video camera and speaker in the fifth generation iPod Nano at the Apple Music Event in September 2009
  • FaceTime video calling for the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010
  • A revised Apple TV
  • A revised MacBook Air in October 2010!/marketfolly/statuses/43023430890684416

Standing ovation video: Business Insider