If Sony's NGP Had PS3's Power, It Would "Set Fire To Your Pants"

Despite my reservations about the PSP2/NGP’s place in the gaming market of tomorrow, it’s plain that it’s a hell of a machine. But people were saying that it was at PS3 levels of graphics. Leaving aside the question of whether you could tell that was true within the confines of a lower resolution and smaller screen, those claims (whoever made them) always seemed a bit spurious. And now Sony has confirmed that no, the NGP isn’t quite at PS3 levels.

At GDC today, SCEA platform research manager David Coombes noted that the processor in the NGP is capable of 2GHz, but is dialed down because “the battery would last five minutes… and it would probably set fire to your pants.” Noted.

Games will be a maximum of 4GB, and will come on 2GB and 4GB capacity cartridges. He wouldn’t specify how much space would be available on the NGP, but… 32GB seems too low, and 64GB seems too high, don’t you think? Hard to say.

There will be 3G and wi-fi versions, but Coombes assured the audience that wi-fi could still do really solid positioning, as many of us know from using our phones.

The touchpads on both the front and the back perform surface area analysis, he said, which potentially lets them tell you how hard you’re pressing. Nice.

No more info on naming, pricing, or any of that jazz, unfortunately. Good to hear a little more from Sony about this cryptogadget, though.

[via Eurogamer]