Hey, Apple, Where Are Our Pre-Orders? Apple Store Is Up But iPad 2 Is Unavailable

If you’ve been obsessively refreshing the Apple Store for the past few minutes (Guilty as charged!), you’ll notice that the page for the iPad 2 is up and ready to go. The rub? You can’t add the iPad to your cart. Everything is marked “Coming Soon” which makes me “Coming Sad!”

You can check out the product page here but fat lot of good that will do you. I suspect they’ve shut down pre-orders in an attempt to prevent the entire store from crashing at once, something that happens when nerds are shown shiny new Apple gear.

The most interesting thing? The original iPad is nowhere to be seen, removed from the store entirely although you can still get a 16GB Wi-Fi model for $349 in the refurb store.

Who will buy this thing when it drops? Sound off in comments.