Google's New 404 Fail Robot Says, "That's An Error, That's All We Know"



As we’ve written in the past, 404 pages are an opportunity for startups and companies to have a little bit of geeky fun. Twitter has the Fail Whale, Google had its own version of the Fail Whale for Google Books Digg chose to go with the Fail Ox, and Blippy took inspiration from Double Rainbows. Google appears to be flirting with a new 404 page nowadays, featuring a very sad robot.

The 404 page, which you can find here (, includes a robot with the message “404. That’s an error. The requested URL /blah was not found on this server. That’s all we know.”

The robot, which looks so forlorn because it seems to have lost its legs and an arm, is a kind of a boring choice for the search giant, but I guess the company doesn’t really have a mascot and how do you make search funny? But the new page is definitely an improvement on Google’s previous simple 404 page.