How smart is your startup incubator? Check in on PeerSquare and find out

How influential are the people who check in to your startup space? Physical tech incubators and startup spaces like Dog Patch Labs or Kicks Labs, and counterparts like TechHub and WhiteBearYard in London or Innovation Works in Beijing often make a lot of the hot young talent they attract. But there’s never really been a way to sort the wheat from the chaff – until now.

PeerIndex, which competes with Klout in measuring the niche expertise and influence of Twitter users, has worked with social media agency Raak to mashup its platform with location based social network Foursquare.

The result is PeerSquare, which ranks the influence of people based on their location on Foursquare. They’ve now added that to a venue lists of startups spaces here.

The listing shows who has checked-in and what their PeerIndex Score is.

Personally I can see an index developing somwhere, but for now it’s a little bit of fun.