Dude Proposes To Lady Friend Over Home Entertainment Center

A Crestron home entertainment equipment installer named Ilya had an idea: why not use his impressive home theatre “demo room” and a bunch of cool gear to propose to his lady friend? At a Breakfast At Tiffany’s-themed birthday party, Ilya prepared a little short that he showed on his main theatre screen and could control remotely. In the video – seen above – he asked for her hand and when she pressed the button for “Yes,” their wee, sassy dog appeared with the ring.

Hearts were melted that night, friends.

While it’s a little gauche to force your lady to press a button to agree to marriage, I suppose if you have the means and inspiration, it’s best to use the tools around you to your advantage. I only hope he doesn’t celebrate every major milestone in his life this way (“Do we buy a mini-van? YES” “Want to have kids? NO” “Are you leaving me? NOT YET, BUT THIS IS A TRIAL SEPARATION”).

Regardless, congrats to Ilya and his lady.

via Crestron Blog