Craigslist Ad Looks For Undercover ‘Piracy Surveillance Investigator’

You are the sword and shield of the party! In this case, the party is a California-based private investigator looking to bank a few dollars by fighting piracy. An ad recently popped up on Craigslist San Antonio looking for “piracy surveillance investigators.” Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to sneak about town, seeking bars and other establishments that are illegally showing sporting events, like UFC or WWE or boxing. You stand to make up to $500 per night.

Following the trail of breadcrumbs leads us to Wayne & Associates, a California-based private investigator. It’s owned by a man in Los Angeles.

The deal is that you go around and gather evidence of establishments illegally showing pay-per-view events.

Nearest I can tell, you go out on the town the night of a pay-per-view event, like the upcoming WrestleMania, and try to get video of the illegal broadcast.

You’d think that no bar owner on Earth would be dumb enough to connect a laptop pointed to a stream to his HDTVs, but that’s exactly what happened in Boston about a year ago. Pretty sure that guy should have been nominated for a Darwin Award.

The payscale seems to vary. Previous informants were paid $75 if they reported on an establishment with no video, but that jumps to $100 if video is taken. You’re provided with a list of establishments that are fully licensed to show the event in question.

Mighty, mighty strange, this.