Astrophysicist: Earth Worth ‘Three Thousand Trillion’ Pounds Sterling

Here’s a silly science story for your Tuesday afternoon, as we sit here waiting patiently for Chelsea-Manchester United to begin. An astrophysicist has developed a formula that determines the monetary value of the universe’s planets. Earth, your home and mine, is worth “three thousand trillion pounds.” Pounds sterling, that is.

The astrophysicist, Professor Greg Laughlin from the University of California, Santa Cruz, takes into account things like climate, age, and size to come up with the valuation.

Obviously Earth is the most valuable planet, it being the only one that we know of that can support our delicate bodies. Mars, our close neighbor, is only worth 10,000 pounds (~$16,000), probably because it’s too cold and there’s no Internet there.

Venus, the seductress, is worth “less than a penny.” Much too hot there.

That’s it.

Look, I said it was silly.