Troller's Gonna Troll: Motorola Sues TiVo Over Patent Infringement

Motorola is suing TiVo over their infringing DVR technology, a move that is an attempt to head TiVo off at the pass after it sued Verizon over the same patents. The patents, which detail DVR technology, came from Imedia, a company that Motorola bought in the 1990s.

“TiVo is attempting to assert its patents against technology disclosed and claimed in Motorola Mobility’s patents, despite the fact that Motorola Mobility’s patents were filed more than three years before TiVo’s patents,” Motorola said in a statement.

TiVo has been increasingly litigious of late, suing EchoStar in 2007 and then AT&T and Verizon in 2009.

TiVo is now at “neutral” in trading terms and has exhibited little of the can-do spirit of its earlier years and hasn’t released a product As far as anyone can tell, they’ll be making all their money suing people from now on out, not a bad business in the short term.

via Reuters