T-Mobile To Pull The Plug On Sidekicks May 31st

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The Sidekick is dead. Long live the Sidekick.

The phone that pulled oh-so-many a geek into the mobile world by showing them that phones could do so much more (while still looking cool!) has died. T-Mobile released a statement tonight announcing that all Sidekick data services will be terminated as of May 31st, promising anyone still on a ‘Kick “an easy transition… to a new device.” What that entails, exactly, is anyone’s bet for the moment.

This wasn’t exactly unforeseeable. In a world where everyone seems to either want a swiss army phone that does everything and anything or an ultra basic handset that serves as little more than a portable rotary phone, there’s not much room for the Sidekick anymore. Doesn’t mean it’s not a bummer.

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