DynamicOps Raises $11M For Cloud Automation Software, Hires Execs

Word leaked out last about cloud automation software maker DynamicOps raising $11.3 million last week, thanks to a pre-announcement SEC filing, but this morning the company confirmed the reports and offered more details.

The Series B round of funding was led by Sierra Ventures, with Next World Capital participating, joining Credit Suisse’s Next II venture group in ownership of the company.

DynamicOps also expanded both its executive management team and its board of directors.

The rapid adoption of virtualization technology is driving demand for private (and public) cloud solutions, forcing IT organizations to reassess how they control, monitor, provision and optimize resources. DynamicOps offers private cloud automation solutions to help companies handle those tasks.

DynamicOps has added industry vets Les Yetton (CMO, previously CEO of Neocleus) and Paul Silver (VP of Sales, Europe, formerly VP of EMEA for EqualLogic) to its executive team. The company has also added Mark Fernandes, Managing Director of Sierra Ventures, to its board.

DynamicOps was founded in 2008 – it spun off from Credit Suisse. The financial institution had five years of large-scale production deployment experience with what is now known as DynamicOps Virtual Resource Manager (VRM) software.