Child Of Eden Almost Had A Vibro-Belt Accessory

You might remember quite a few years back when the Sega “Trance Vibrator” for Rez made a stir by essentially being… a vibrator. Yeah. So they’re doing that again with Child Of Eden, Rez’s spiritual successor for Kinect, though a separate vibrating accessory probably isn’t going to happen. The game is shaping up nicely, though.

Kotaku went to a preview event where a newer build of the game was shown off, and one of the options available was to use additional 360 controllers as purely vibrational devices. This is actually an option in the XBLA game Rez HD, and the creator strongly encourages playing this way. In fact, during the preview, it was revealed that they’d even created a special belt that held three controllers on it so you could get really buzzed, as it were.

Alas, it almost certainly won’t be coming with the game, or as an accessory. Probably just a little too weird.