LeWeb tickets are half price through February 28th (yes, tomorrow)

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It kind of feels like it was only yesterday that we were all watching Loïc Le Meur parade across the stage at LeWeb dressed up in Angry Bird gear. Yet, Géraldine and Loïc Le Meur have already announced the dates for year’s edition of the infamous Paris-based tech conference.

While in previous years LeWeb has always been a 2-day event, looks like the team has decided add another day to the menu for 2011. So mark your calendars for December 7-9; judging from the previous events, you definitely won’t want to miss this.

Even better than a full 3 days of the best tech, innovations and startups from around the world is the fact that tickets are half price through February 28th. Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy your tickets here if you already know you’ll be attending. And check out the list of people who have already confirmed their attendance !

Photo credit: Adam Tinworth

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  • http://www.pricewiki.com/ William Price

    What the??? This happened on February? I am really disappointed! lol I didn’t hear anything about this! Such a waste! Thanks for sharing the news anyways. I just hope this will happen again this month.

  • Admin
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