Custora Helps Online Businesses Improve Customer Retention

For any retailer that is selling goods online, it is incredibly important to be able to retain customers and identify when purchasers are about to leave a site. While many online retailers and companies develop these analytics in house, there is a need for a simple application that smaller shops can use to determine behavior of visitors. Today, Y Combinator-backed Custora is launching a SaaS that tells online retailers and web apps which of their customers are most valuable, and suggests actions to keep them.

The startup is best described by its tagline: “Google brings you customers. We keep them around.” For retailers, the software can analyze order logs and distinguish between customers that simply haven’t ordered anything for a while, and customers who have left the site. The application also manages and optimizes email campaigns to keep customers engaged.

For example, Custora will automate the process of sending emails to customers who are in danger of leaving a retailer’s site, or will send emails to customers who are repeat purchasers. Custora determines where the repeat customers are coming from and will also recommend specific incentives the retailer can use to reclaim lost customers.

In addition to retailers, Custora is being used for SaaS providers with freemium offerings as well. These clients are using the software to determine which users are most likely to convert to paid options and what kind of incentive would make them convert to a premium level. For example,, Foodzie and GetSatisfaction are using Custora in-house.

For now, Custora’s platform optimizes customer retention with email campaigns but the company plans to add new technologies in the future. It seems like for any retailer or SaaS company, using Custora to prevent customer churn is a no-brainer.