Fly Or Die (Tablet Edition): The Motorola Xoom And The Kno

In this week’s episode of Fly or Die, CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I do a special tablet edition where we take on the new Motorola Xoom and the Kno. (Watch the video above).

The Xoom is the first tablet to come out with the Android Honeycomb operating system, which is optimized for tablets. So you can basically forget about all of those other Android tablets that came out in January at CES. Those run the Android OS built for phones. What you want is Honeycomb, and the Xoom is your first chance to get it. Still, with the iPad 2 set to be announced next week, you might want to wait to see if there is anything the Xoom will still have over the next-gen iPad. Check out John’s in-depth review and the video below, which shows its speed and what it looks like in action.

The second product we tackle is the Kno, a textbook tablet aimed at college students which is yet to be delivered. Rumors surfaced this week that Kno is looking to sell off its hardware business and concentrate on software instead. Shifting strategies would make a lot of sense. It’s just too challenging to make great software and go up against both the iPad and Android at the same time. College students are only going to buy one tablet, and chances are it is not going to be a general purpose tablet like the iPad or an Android tablet instead of one that only serves as a textbook reader.