Updated: Apple And The BBC To Co-Host iPad 2 Release Event?

Let the speculation begin. The BBC is holding an event next week, on the same day and exactly the same time that iPad 2 is to be announced. The Apple event starts at 10am PST and the BBC event starts at 6pm GMT (which are exactly the same). If true, it looks like there could be some video chatting between the two companies from across the pond.

Adding to the rumor, The Inquirer says that BBC’s event will be hosted by British actor Stephen Fry, who is known to love all things Apple and was one of the very few who got the iPad before anyone else — even American press.

Electronista speculates that some sort of FaceTime could happen since there will be cameras on iPad 2. It could also have to do with the BBC’s new iPlayer app for iDevices.

UPDATE: We just got the official Apple invite for those in the UK (thanks Wille W.)