Thunderbolt Plus RAID Equals The New Pegasus Drive Towers

Thunderbolt is out, and the Thunderbolt-equipped peripherals are coming fast. LaCie has their Little Big Drive coming this summer, but if you need more than 500GB of space, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. Pegasus has you covered with their new R6 and R4 direct-attached storage units. Need to have 8TB of storage streaming at 800MB per second? Probably not! But this sucker can do it anyway.

There’s no pricing yet, but the units should be available in Q2, so I’d say “springish.” The R6 has six hot-swap bays and the R4 has four. They can take up to 2TB drives (formatting in HFS+ reduces capacity by about 30%), making for a max capacity of… let me get my calculator out… looks like 12TB of raw space, less once you format and so on. You can, of course, daisy chain multiple units for extra capacity.

The R4 supports RAID 0, 1, 6, 5, 10, and the R6 with its extra bays gets 50 and 60. Sounds like some serious storage for the speed-conscious user. We’ll let you know when we get pricing on these bad boys.

I love that picture up top. The Pegasus is blasting through the lightning!