SteelSeries' 10th Anniversary Means Giveaways For Days

This year marks SteelSeries 10th anniversary, and the accessory maker has decided to celebrate by giving away a fair number of prizes. It is, in fact, the largest such giveaway in SteelSeries’ history. How do you enter, and what do you stand to gain?

It’s not too, too hard. You go to SteelSeries’ site, pick one mouse, keyboard, pair of headphones, and pair of glasses (who knew SteelSeries made glasses?). Then you enter your contact info, do some sort of Facebook-ing, then call it a day. Apparently the more people you notify via Facebook about the contest the better your own chances of winning. I haven’t used Facebook regularly I think since 2007, so pardon my ignorance on this whole “liking” business.

The point is, you stand to win quite a bit of goodies provided you stick it out.

The contest runs from today until March 18.