OT Tags Bluetooth Headset: For People Who Like To Get Rough With Their Headsets

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Outdoor Technology has just come out with some dog-tag-like Bluetooth headphones called OT Tags. You can get them in either black or red and when not in use they hang down like dog tags — see what I mean? The Bluetooth headset offers stereo listening from any Bluetooth device and if the connected device is a phone, then you can also make and receive calls.

The case of each earbud looks to be a bit bigger than one would normally wear, but OT says that’s because they are made from sturdy plastic to survive harsh use. (So if you’re one of those people harsh-using your Bluetooth headsets, then these are for you.) Not only does the big case help protect, but it is also said to improve bass and treble — that sounds more truthful.

The battery lasts for up to 6 hours talk time 5 hours for music listening and 120 hours for standby. Range is 32 feet and if you don’t have Bluetooth on your iDevice, they sell an adapter for $24.95. Price is $79.95 each and are available now.

[via slashgear]

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