Madvertise launches €5m developer fund (sort of but not really)

Madvertise, the Berlin-based mobile ad network, has launched a five million Euro fund for mobile app developers. Only it isn’t really a fund and it certainly isn’t €5m. This one takes a little time to unravel so we’ll save you the effort.

What they’re actually offering is to wave their commission on any ads sold for mobile app developers who apply to the program until a total of €5m in ad revenue has been generated via those apps or until 12 months are up (whichever comes sooner).

In other words, presuming €5m in mobile ad revenue is generated via apps that are taking part, Madvertise will handover 100% of that cash rather than the normal 60/40 split (in favour of the app publisher, although it varies) that normally takes place. So, basically, the “fund” consists of approximately 40% of €5m give or take and only if all €5m in ad revenue is generated before the time is up. Or at least I think that’s how it works.

The motivation for this huge giveaway, says Madvertise, is to let mobile app developers and mobile site creators “explore the potentials[sic] of mobile advertising as an income source for their contents[sic]’

That said, it’s not a bad deal either way, even if the announcement is, to put it politely, a little convoluted. For those mobile app developers who want to get in on the deal, more information can be found here.