Devolo's dLan 200 AV USB Extender Is World's First Powerline USB Extender

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Powerline may be one of the most underrated wireless technologies available for the home. Basically, it’s a home networking setup that uses the electrical wiring in your house to connect different devices. And now, Devolo is expanding its line of Powerline AV to include a USB extender, a world’s first.

The dLan 200 AV USB extender allows you to connect a USB device to any home network supporting Powerline. So, in one room you could connect your computer to it and in another have the USB cable go to a printer for wireless printing, without all the network setup. Great for the not so tech-savvy. Also, the extenders work up to 300 m, saving a big wiring hassel.

Price is about $160 for the entire kit, and for those who already have other Powerline AV products, a standalone USB unit can be had for about $110.

[via pocketlint]

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