Mini Fuel Cell Specifically Designed For Smartphones

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Fuel cells are still on their way into the mainstream, but we’re getting there, slowly. Case in point: the AF-M3000 [JP], a mini fuel cell that just requires users to add water to get it to work. What’s interesting is that Kyoto-based Aquafairy has developed the device specifically for use with smartphones.

According to the maker, the cell generates 3W and needs 90 minutes to charge an iPhone (which is enough to use the handset for about three hours). To make the device small and light (128g), Aquafairy used calcium hydrate. Users add water to the hydrate to generate hydrogen gas, which then reacts with oxygen to generate electricity.

Aquafairy plans to showcase the fuel cell during the FC Expo next month in Japan. It will be then sold for $320 starting in April.

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