DOTKLOK Is A Hackable, Open-Source, Arduino Clock. Also Neat Looking

Sick of telling time the old way? Spice up your time-telling time with the open-source, hackable and Arduino-based DOTKLOK. Basically, you can get a bunch of different ways to tell time. Different customizable animations will make you proud to show off your hard work the next time someone asks for the time. Speaking of time, it passes in a unique way with numbers and abstract/geometric patterns. It also has classic video games like Pong, Tetris and Pacman, that pretty much makes it sweet in our book.

DOTKLOK only uses 2 watts of power and if the electricity goes out, there’s a backup battery that will keep the time. It comes as a kit with hardware plans, schematics, source code and instructions so you can make whatever adjustments you want. LED colors come in red or green.

The only down side is the price (starts at $150). But if you gotta have one, you can buy them here.

Hands off videos

[vimeo 19947676 w=620 h=400]

[vimeo 18311589 w=620 h=400]