Volvo Announces First Plug-In Diesel Hybrid Wagon, A Combination Of All Our Likes

If a car company ever wanted to make an efficient plug-in hybrid, they would combine a diesel engine with an electric powertrain. No one has done this yet — possibly for noise and vibration issues — but Volvo thinks it won’t be a problem when they release a plug-in diesel hybrid of their V60 wagon. Combine the torque from a diesel engine with the instant power of an electric motor and you’ll have one helluva ride. The Volvo is also reportedly able to travel around 30 miles from one charge of its electric batteries and 746 miles total with diesel range extender. It will go on sale in Sweden later this year; hopefully by time it makes it over here they decide to keep the diesel engine.

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The Numbers The Gear
Estimated Price: TBA Powertrain: 5-cylinder turbodiesel with AWD
Total Horsepower: 285 hp Range Extender: 2-liter Turbo I4
Total Torque: 472 lb-ft Battery: 12-kWh Lithium-ion
0-62 mph: 6.9 sec Electric Motor: 70 hp Electric Rear Axle Drive

[via autoblog]