Someone At Apple A Product Placement Genius, Appearance In 30% Of Top Movies In 2010

You’ve all seen it before: Apple products in movies. They’re everywhere, from the Mac that save the day in Independence Day to Sex and the City. According to the wiki on product placement, Apple does not pay for this, but also doesn’t say how they get in there. Last year, Apple products showed up in 30% of top movies; but the trend is decreasing — 2009 was 46%, 2008 at 50%. Many companies have learned this — go figure — from Apple and are now paying to get their products in there.

Clearly, it was a good move from the beginning. Many people watch a celebrity use a product and immediately go buy it. Just wait until someone famous tries out the Vibram Five Fingers. Still congrats to Apple for figuring out the world.

[vimeo w=620&h=400]

Apple’s Greatest Cinematic Achievements from The Awl on Vimeo.