ShopSavvy Integrates Groupon To Bring You More Relevant Mobile Local Deals

In one more step towards the Groupon-ification of everyday life, ShopSavvy, the app that allows you to scan in a barcode, do a product lookup and find comprable deals on products nearby or online is announcing a greater push into geo-location today. ShopSavvy will be partnering up with Groupon and offering its over 10 million users the ability to see relevant local deals in its “Deals” tab.

ShopSavvy boasts almost 50 million product scans a month and its “Deals” function takes into account a shopper’s location, shopping history, and preferences when serving up most offers. The app shares a crowded space, competing with apps like Barcode Reader (really creative guys), Pic2Shop and now Groupon itself. But the land grab for mobile here is in hyper-targeted relevancy of deals and if it can pull that off using data from its bar code scan history it will have a leg up on the competition.

Right now the Groupon function only considers geography, but more specific targeting should be available shortly. “ShopSavvy plans to enhance Groupon’s value for our users by sending them only the deals we know they will be interested in, based on their shopping history, location and preferences,” co-founder Alexander Muse confirmed.

You can find ShopSavvy on in Android, the iPhone, Nokia and Windows marketplaces.