iBike Dash Cycling Computer Turns iPhone Into Personal Fitness Trainer

It’s hard to hate on bikes — they’re one of the most efficient ways to travel. Whether you use your bike for travel, recreation, or exercise, the new iBike Dash iPhone kit can help make your ride more elucidative.

The iBike Dash is easy-to-install; it comes with the iPhone mount and bike speed sensor and you download the app from the iTunes Store. The iBike Dash records all sorts of data including speed, power, heart rate, wind speed, time, trip, elevation, and calories. The app also keeps you in an aerobic range so that you don’t overwork yourself within the first 5 minutes of a 30 minute workout, therefore burning more calories. A sort of Nike+ for cycling. Looks pretty neat.

iBike Dash CC Features:

  • 50 power-based and Heart Rate (HR) zone workouts
  • Speed sensor with optional sensors for cadence and HR
  • iPhone’s GPS, map, and weather capabilities operate seamlessly with the iDash
  • Power-based indoor trainer feature
  • Bike odometer
  • Calendar to keep track of weekly cycling stats, including calories, miles and speed
  • “Phone BoothTM” dashboard/case houses circuitry, keeps out water and absorbs shock
  • Compatible with all ANT+ speed, cadence and HR sensors.

The iDash CC is available at the Apple Store or Velocomp. Price is $199 for the basic version and $329 for the advanced version (includes cadence, HR, calorie measurement, and rechargeable battery with charger).