DARPA's Hummingbot UAV Now Looks Like A Hummingbird, Flies For 10 Minutes

Okay, this is pretty amazing, but also pretty scary. The DARPA “Nano-UAV” project we’ve covered here before is entering the uncanny valley. The aim was to create a small, winged robot that could hover in one place, perhaps providing video or carrying some tiny payload. The previous versions were very robotic-looking and could barely stay in the air for more than a few seconds.

This new one? Looks just like a hummingbird, has an onboard camera, and flies for ten minutes.

Watch the video. The device, designed by Aerovironment, has a wingspan of 16cm, or 6.5 inches, and weighs only 19 grams — less than an ounce. Yet it still has its own battery and motor, and can send a live video signal to a palmtop controller/monitoring station.

Welcome to the future, people. And, of course, welcome to the Robocalypse.

[via Hack A Day]