Court: Adult Film Studio Has To Sue Alleged Pirates Individually

In a setback for adult film studios looking to make a quick buck (by fighting piracy), a court in Dallas has ruled that one such studio, Serious Bidness, cannot sue a group of John Does in one lump sum. If it wants to pursue legal action it has to sue each John Doe individually.

Even giving this two seconds of thought makes plenty of sense. As the court said, there’s no way you can ensure that John Doe 1 has done the same thing as John Doe 10.

What if John Doe 1 is a working parent whose kid illegally downloaded whatever without their knowledge? What if John Doe 10 is some kid whose roommate who downloads whatever when he’s at work, but it’s John Doe 10’s name on the cable bill?

There’s too many permutations to treat all these people as one undifferentiated blob.