New MacBooks Coming In Next Month?

There is no confirmation of this other than a vague email from a charming New Zealandee to his customers, but it seems that someone let slip that new MacBooks with SSD “hard drives” and Sandy Trail chipsets are in the offing in the next 20-25 days. Considering the guy who sent this presumably sells MacBooks in New Zealand, his advice to “place your order on hold, but also advise us of your plans so we can place you on our wait list” is pretty bold, pointing to either generally reduced stock or a real belief this rumor is real.

I always say if you’re in the market for cameras or Apple gear, buy what’s available and don’t wait for some nebulous possible upgrade, but this email points to a fairly solid change in hardware so I’d advise listening to this kiwi.

Read his note after the jump.

We have received notice that it is very likely that new MacBook models will be announced in the next 20-25 days. FYI: All Apple announcements occur on a Wednesday morning NZ time.

They are likely to be based on the new Intel chip series and have other upgrades like SSD hard drives available.

As usual, there will be very limited quantities of base model units immediately available. We are currently preparing a wait list as demand will be very high for the first month or two. There is also likely to be a 2-3 week delay following product announcement to ship date.

If you are thinking of purchasing any Apple laptops in the next few weeks, we would recommend you place your order on hold, but also advise us of your plans so we can place you on our wait list. We will then be able to jump the queue and source your laptop ASAP.