InPulse Watch Now Available For Pre-Order

It looks like inPulse’s watch is finally available for pre-order. A long time coming, the watch, available in two styles, is more computer than traditional wrist watch, with users ables to load it up with apps (or program their own) that do any number of things. There’a an iTunes controller app, an app for controlling slideshow presentations, and ping app, a notifications app, and more!

The watch communicates with the outside world (your Android phone, BlackBerry, PC/Mac/Linux) via Bluetooth. InPulse says the SDK is easy enough to understand that you’d be able to crank out the good ol’ fashioned “hello world/watch!” app in as little as five minutes.

The OLED display has a 96×128 resolution, and the watch lasts “up to” four days per charge depending on use. Bluetooth tends to be a battery hog.

The metallic silver model costs $149 while the black anodized model costs $199.